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Automotive Fasteners

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Automotive Clips, Fasteners, and Retainers.

  • Most common all metal threaded fasteners for automotive interiors and exteriors. Body Bolts are used to secure various components of a vehicle’s...
  • Nylon Christmas Tree Retainers, Drive Pin Retainers, and Screw-Type Retainers
  • Automotive nylon nuts and grommets for automotive interior and exterior use.
  • Hex nut with attached free spinning washer for less surface maring on body panels.
  • Speed nuts, also known as sheet metal nuts, are a type of locknut with two sheet metal prongs that act as one thread.
  • U-Nuts, also known as U-nut clips or Spire Nuts, are a type of clip-on nut that resemble the shape of the letter U. They consist of a metal clip with a...
  • Push-on retainers, also known as push-on fasteners or push-on nuts, are self-threading and self-locking fasteners with inner teeth that slide over a non-threaded...