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  • Youtube: Adam LZ
    Adam LZ is an American Youtuber and professional drift car driver. His channel takes place at the "LZ Compound", a 30 acre automotive dream. Here they build and drive some of the craziest drift cars on the planet. In addition to that you can also find him riding BMX or racing in Formula Drift.
    This automotive setup was customer tailored to work on drift cars. It came out to over...
  • Youtube: Big Tire Garage
    Ian Johnson is a popular YouTuber who runs the channel 'Big Tire Garage'. He creates content around automotive topics and shares his expertise in building custom vehicles. His channel features a variety of content, including how-to videos, updates from his shop, and more!
  • Youtube: BoostedBoiz
    BoostedBoiz is a popular American YouTube channel headed by Kyle Wade. Kyle & his team are well known for their crazy Honda & K-swap builds. He currently has the record for the world's fastest 1/4-mile MR2. When they aren't at the dragstrip, you can find them on either a K-swapped jet boat, turbo charged shopping cart, or building something crazy in their garage.
  • Youtube: Brian Deegan
    Brian Deegan is an American professional motocross rider, entrepreneur & host of the popular YouTube channel “The Deegans”. In the X Games alone, he has taken home 14 medals (10 Moto X and 4 Rally). He’s also won 6 Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Championships, 3 Pro Lite and 3 Pro 2.
    His fastener setup consisted of over 22,000 pieces and was designed for motorcycles,...
  • Youtube: Cleetus Mcfarland
    Cleetus Mcfarland is a popular automotive American YouTuber with an extensive following! His channel is well known for its crazy horsepower builds, racing of all sorts, and jet boats. If you have a love for Mountain Dew, Bald Eagles, & Freedom, you’ve found the right channel!
    The McFarland Racing Shop setup was customer tailored to work on LS engines, cars,...
  • Youtube: Diesel Creek
    Diesel Creek is an American YouTube channel based in western PA, hosted by Matt. Content on his channel focuses mainly on construction and restoring old, heavy, machinery that hasn't ran in years. His bolt set up consisted of 20,000 pieces.

    We were even featured on his YouTube channel! You can see the video here:

  • Youtube: Gingium
    Gingium is a popular automotive American YouTube channel. They have put together some really cool car and truck builds, including a Subaru STI swapped Mazda Miata & Drift Truck! He has a keen eye to detail, and does most of the fabrication himself. Gingium's channel is a real treat if you like learning & watching how these projects are built.
    This setup was customer tailored...
  • Graveyard Carz is a popular show on MotorTrend network hosted by Mark Worman. Mark & his ghouls specialize in resurrecting late 60's/early 70's Mopar’s back from the dead. Mark has a wild sense of humor, which creates for wildly entertaining show! You can see our setups in the background starting in season 17!

  • Youtube: Mike Finnegan
    Mike Finnegan is a well-known American TV personality and also runs his own YouTube channel called Finnegan's Garage. He has his own show on MotorTrend called Faster with Finnegan and is a co-host on Roadkill - also on MotorTrend. He is well known for working on some of the coolest cars, trucks, and boats while pushing them to their limits.
    This setup was customer tailored...
  • Youtube: Vice Grip Garage
    Vice Grip Garage is a well-known American YouTube channel headed by Derek Bieri. His channel specializes in getting old vehicles running that have been sitting for many years or even decades. These are cars & trucks that have been left in barns, garages, and even fields! He then attempts to drive them back home. His one-of-a-kind sense of humor & personality are...
  • Youtube: WestenChamplin
    Westen Champlin is a popular American automotive YouTuber with an extensive following! Him and his team race and build custom vehicles like the pictured 1400HP twin turbo & super charged Dodge Charger Hellcat, known as Helljet. If you like high horsepower & custom builds, his channel is for you!
    Westen’s setup was customer tailored to work on cars, trucks,...
  • Youtube: WhistlinDiesel
    WhistlinDiesel (Cody) is a popular American YouTuber with an extensive following! His channel is well known for his hilarious personality, durability tests, and crazy car/truck builds.
    Cody’s setup was customer tailored to work on cars, trucks, and heavy equipment. It came out to over 25,000 pieces and included our custom QR bin labels for easy reordering!