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  • Flat Washers are flat and smooth and serve to incorporate spacing and distribute load when placed between a nut and bolt or screw.
  • Structural Flat Washers are thick, strong, and heavy-duty and are typically found in steel-to-steel structural connections. They are usually applied with...
  • Fender Washers are flat with a larger diameter in proportion to its center hole. Commonly used for automobiles, plumping, sheet metal, and electrical applications.
  • Split Lock Washers are non-continuous rings that tilt each end slightly outside in opposite directions and are designed to prevent a fastener from loosening...
  • Tooth Lock Washers featuring teeth-like serrations either internally or externally are designed to prevent bolted joints from loosening using friction.
  • Sealing Washers have a bonded neoprene or EPDM rubber backing and are used in applications that require a stronger seal.
  • Square Washers are flat washers in a square shape and have a larger surface area than round washers for better torque distribution.
  • Ogee Washers are large, cast-iron washers that have a curved shape and are typically used in dock and wood construction.
  • Finishing washers are designed to distribute the load of a threaded fastener while simultaneously offering a clean finish. They are typically used with...